How to Name Your Domain

May 15,2011 Posted by to Branding

When naming a company, the first thing most people do is pull their hair out trying to find an available domain name. And if the pure domain name they want is in use, they give up and move on. That’s nuts! Even if you have a pure online

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How to Brand and Market Yourself with LinkedIn

May 12,2011 Posted by to Branding

Recently, when I was teaching my Spring Quarter Stanford CS class on business writing, we got to the topic of LinkedIn and how to write a good summary. This led to a surprising revelation that most of the 40 students didn’t really have a well

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How To SEO Your Profile Page - Personal Branding At Its Best

Apr 05,2011 Posted by to Branding

Thomas W. Petty profile page
Thomas Petty's

I’ve given talks about personal branding, and always encourage business owners to make sure they optimize their name for the search engines,

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