How to Change Your Bad Marketing Habits for Good

Feb 23,2012 Posted by to Marketing

It’s time to be honest! Are you really spending the time you need to each day on growing your business? Or are you getting distracted with time wasters like surfing the Internet, hanging out on Facebook or other busy work that isn’t leading to profits?

If your time management

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Press Release: Marketing a Small Business in 2012: Free Coffee Break Advice

Jan 26,2012 Posted by to Marketing

Sydni Craig-Hart, founder of Smart Simple Marketing, announced that they will be hosting weekly expert conversations with professionals who will help small business owners implement simple, profitable marketing strategies in 2012. These “Take 10″ ten-minute coffee breaks will be offered free on the company blog and podcast channel.


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Three Things You Should Know About Mobile SEO

Dec 31,2011 Posted by to Marketing

Do you need to revise your tactics for mobile SEO? And what impact will Siri, the new iPhone 4S personal assistant that searches the web, have on your SEO efforts? Here are three things you should know about mobile SEO.

1. You don’t have to rethink your SEO strategy

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Enroll Your Next Client Within Days

Dec 29,2011 Posted by to Marketing

If you entered a contest that challenged you to enroll one new client next week, how would you go about doing so? Imagine that the stakes are VERY HIGH. The prize, $100,000 if you could just get one new client to work with you in your business. Would

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