The Social Media Time Suck and How to Avoid It

Oct 27,2011 Posted by to Social Media

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Google+. And the list goes on.

At first, it was just web browsing that ate your productivity, then it was email, and now with social media it’s mushroomed into an all-consuming black hole. Or at least, that’s how it can seem. Without a doubt, social media

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Top 3 YouTube SEO Tips

Mar 14,2011 Posted by to Search Engine Optimization

At last fall’s SMX Expo in New York, I attended a session on SEO and YouTube. Among the things I learned: Search engine users are 50 percent more likely to click on videos in search results than on text-based results. And Google

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6 Steps to Creating Your Personal Brand

Feb 14,2011 Posted by to Marketing

Enough has been written about the need to create a personal brand today if you want customers, clients, and potential job possibilities to find their way to you in a fairly direct way.

In my opinion, what many of us don’t do is think through the branding process ahead

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If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, It Is Best Not to Say Anything

Feb 01,2011 Posted by to Marketing

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, it is best not to say anything;” basic common sense equally applicable in the digital age. A good example of this is Yelp. There is a growing trend on the Web to permit comments and reviews, which can

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