Travel Smart: 3 Tips for Organized Gadget Travel

Dec 30,2011 Posted by to Mobile

I travel quite a bit for both business and for fun, and I can’t think of the last time I went somewhere without some tech in tow, whether a digital camera, my mobile phone, iPad, laptop or netbook, or some other gizmo. These devices are so much a

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Five Uses for YouTube You Might Not Have Thought Of

Mar 21,2011 Posted by to Marketing

As most of us know, YouTube is a free online video sharing portal. Recent statistics have said that approximately 24 hours worth of videos are uploaded into YouTube’s system every minute of the day. Wow.

If you’ve never created a YouTube video or you’ve created many, here are some

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Top 3 YouTube SEO Tips

Mar 14,2011 Posted by to Search Engine Optimization

At last fall’s SMX Expo in New York, I attended a session on SEO and YouTube. Among the things I learned: Search engine users are 50 percent more likely to click on videos in search results than on text-based results. And Google

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Your Personal Branding Strategy is Not Complete Unless You Include YouTube

Mar 08,2011 Posted by to Marketing

Personal branding takes time and dedication, but it’s not that hard to do – IF you just start.

I’m always amazed how long it takes us to get around to doing something which is not that difficult – in this case, starting a YouTube channel and posting

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