4 Tips for Making the Most of Your Workspace

Feb 29,2012 Posted by to Productivity

Improve comfort and increase productivity with a few simple tips!

Whether you’re spending time at a desk at home or at an office, a comfortable, well-thought-out space can go a long way toward making you feel more productive. By implementing a few of these simple tips, spending time at your workspace can be a pleasure!

  1. Choose the right workstation. Think about the functions that you’ll be doing at your desk. Analyze what you do in a day and make sure that your desk or workstation will be able to accommodate your needs. Will you have cables running from a computer and other equipment? Choose a desk with built-in cable management and an adjustable keyboard drawer. Will you be doing a lot of paperwork or making scrapbooks? You’ll want a desk with lots of flat space so you can spread out.
  2. Streamline your storage. Planning your storage in advance can result in significant time savings later. Group the things you need to store into categories (office supplies, filing, books, inventory, etc.), and then measure the items. That way you can determine just how much space you’ll need for storage. Decide what type of storage (a desk hutch, bookcase, freestanding shelves, drawer unit, etc.) makes sense for the space you have available and the amount of storage you need.
  3. Have a storage plan. Based on the information you just gathered, develop a storage plan. Make a map of the shelves or drawers, and assign items to each shelf or drawer in a way that makes sense for you. Keep more frequently used items closer, and place infrequently used items higher or lower—away from the “prime real estate” of eye-level storage. Make sure to leave extra space in your plan for items you’ll purchase in the future. According to the storage plan you just created, arrange your items on the shelves or in the drawers. Containerize smaller items as necessary.
  4. Make it yours. For many people, a desk or workspace doesn’t feel right until they decorate it in some way. Personalizing your space can go a long way toward making you feel more at home and more productive. The key here is to not go overboard and clutter up your desk with mementos, photos, and personalized mugs. Instead of dozens of personal items, choose and display a few that really mean something to you. You can always swap your mementos for others—that way, you’ll get to honor your treasured items, while also keeping your space feeling fresh as well as clutter-free

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