Don’t Give Up On Your Resolutions – Revisit Them for Success!

Feb 22,2012 Posted by to Productivity

Maybe this was the year when you were going to finally stick with your resolutions and get organized, go to the gym, learn a language, or another big (or small) goal. Good for you!

So, how has that resolution turned out so far? If you are like most people, your resolution lasted a couple of days into the year. Now that January has passed, for many of us the thought of making big, sweeping, life-altering habit changes is a distant memory. Bummer!

The thing is, those goals are probably pretty important to you – otherwise you wouldn’t have put special emphasis on them for January. Don’t give up on them so quickly! Here are a few ways to help get you back on track:

Reprioritize. Make a list of all those resolutions, and see if they still matter to you. Are they all still relevant? Is one goal more important than the others? Most importantly, revisit the reasons why these goals are on your list at all. Maybe the reason you didn’t get to some of your resolutions is because they weren’t all important to you. Before you recommit to achieving your resolutions, make sure they are actually still important enough to be on your radar.

Reschedule. All tasks and goals, large or small, require time to let you make progress towards reaching them. How much time did you set aside for your resolutions? Hoping to get to the things that are important to you in your mythical “free time” is not the same as setting aside scheduled time. Instead, add real appointments on your schedule for taking specific action towards your goals. When you give each of your resolutions space and time on your calendar, you’ll be much more likely to get to them.

Reconnect. Many things in life are hard to do on our own – and the bigger the thing is, the more challenging it is to complete it solo. This is particularly true for resolutions, which are usually sizeable goals or tasks, which in and of themselves are typically tough to get to. Resolutions are generally things that are intrinsic goals – lose weight, do a project at home or work, etc. – and can be pretty isolating. The chances of you actually making progress towards your goals are much higher if you enlist the help of others. Find a resolution buddy so you can keep each other accountable and on track.

You made your resolutions because they mattered to you – and maybe they still do! Yes, January is behind us – but don’t let that arbitrary marker stop you from doing what you want. As they say, it’s never too late for you to decide that today’s the day that you’re going to start making progress on them.

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