Email Marketing: Compliment Your Social Marketing Efforts

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How are you doing with your marketing strategies?  What different strategies are you using in conjunction with each other?  I always recommend that my clients select 2-3 different strategies to utilize in concert with each other over a period of 6-12 months and then measure which one is giving you the most return for your time and investment.

One strategy that I strongly believe in is email marketing – if it’s done well. And, it’s an effective tool that compliments your social marketing strategies as well.

Despite that Baby Boomers and Generation X influence marketing decisions, email marketing is not dead as you might think.  In fact, email marketing is still popular among older generations.  According to Brian Solis, Principal of FutureWorks and  Author of ENGAGE!, “Email is technically the largest, untapped social network in the world.”

Consider Michelle Crossley’s article on email marketing statistics people like to read their emails and get their updates via email.

Consider Your Audience

The key factor to consider is your audience, and to speak the language that is relevant to your market.  Jennifer Neeley Lindsay from Crimson Consulting gave a presentation on how each generation has unique wants and needs. She discussed social tactics to trigger effective responses from the Greatest Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials.

Email marketing is an affordable tool to implement for businesses, and it can help generate revenue and improve ROI.

“42% of executives reported a lift in email campaign performance after integrating social and email” – StrongMail

My favorite email marketing tool is Constant Contact. Not only do they give you a free 60 day trial, their customer service is terrific! I’ve been using them for almost 5 years and have never had an issue with their service. You can also use Constant Contact to create online surveys as well to learn more about what your target audience really is looking to get from you and your company.

Integrate Social Media

Email marketing tools now enable you to integrate social media tactics as well, thereby increasing growth for your lists, enhancing your brand, and increasing your revenues over time, helping your company grow its overall business.

Email marketing – working in conjunction with your social media campaign – can help you attract your ideal clients by increasing brand awareness, creating customer engagement with current customers and prospective clients alike.

Remember, ALL marketing efforts are about building rapport and relationships with your clients and potential customers.  The more valuable information and conversations you can have with them (virtual or otherwise through different mediums such as email marketing or social media marketing), the stronger those relationships will become.

And when the moment comes that they need your type of goods or services, the positive relationship you’ve built with them over time will have your brand right at the front of their mind.

I can hear the phone ringing now – gotta go!

To your success!

Michele MolitorMichele Molitor is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and is the Founder of Nectar Consulting, Inc. She is a highly sought after executive coach, business consultant and speaker working with business owners, executives and their teams. She assists them in moving past obstacles to set clear goals and marketing strategies that consistently attract their ideal clients, close more sales and enhance the bottom line results by 25-200% annually.

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