Five Uses for YouTube You Might Not Have Thought Of

Mar 21,2011 Posted by to Marketing

As most of us know, YouTube is a free online video sharing portal. Recent statistics have said that approximately 24 hours worth of videos are uploaded into YouTube’s system every minute of the day. Wow.

If you’ve never created a YouTube video or you’ve created many, here are some ides to use your online videos:

Introductory Offer Video

Create a short, 60 second video that introduces yourself or your company, and suggests that visitors take advantage of your free offer. You don’t need this video to be searchable, so turn that feature off. Then load it onto your website’s home page or other page so people can either read the text or watch the video.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to take advantage of an online offer if it’s paired with a video. Want to see an example? Go to my website’s home page to see me using it to invite people to download the free report.

Virtual Video Tours

If you have a business that customers visit, give them an online tour. Maybe your customers would like to see the setting that your office provides. Is it quiet and serene or busy? Is it comfortable or modern? Are the staff smiling and friendly? All of these are selling features, and if people can see what it’s like before they step through the door, give them a tour!

Staff Introductions

Similar to your virtual tours, have your employees do a little introduction of themselves. This puts a face to your business so your customers can know who they’ll be working with. Is your staff friendly and smiling? Are they professional? Again, give your future customers the opportunity to meet the staff even before they step through the front door.

Customer Testimonials

Ask your most valued customers to take three minutes to tell how much they love your service or products. Ask them three open-ended questions like “How has our company helped you?” They can tell in their own words what they like best, and it will be genuine.

These videos will be more compelling than reading a bunch of text on a page, because they’re “real people” that your customers will identify with. I did this with some of my customers recently with a little Flip camera. It took about 5 minutes to record, and now I’ve got some great video testimonials.

Complete Your Google Places Account

If you have claimed your Google Places online business listing, they allow you to link up to five YouTube videos to your business. Create any of the above types of videos, then go into your Google Places account and link them in. These can be used to entice other customers to do business with you. In addition, Google rewards you with higher placement in the directory, because your listing is more complete.

There are many more uses for YouTube that I could name, but these are the top five YouTube uses that I thought you could use right away. It’s sure hard to beat free marketing opportunities too!

Thomas Petty is a Certified Internet Consultant at his consulting company, WSI Smart Solutions, and he works with businesses who are struggling to get new clients through the Internet. He also teaches beginning, advanced and master-level SEO classes at the Bay Area Search Engine Academy.

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