Getting Your Message to Stand Out in the Crowd

Dec 28,2010 Posted by to Marketing

Finding a way to have your message, product or service stand out in a crowd these days is a bit challenging to say the least!  With so many different advertising messages coming at us each minute of everyday from every conceivable angle, it gets a little tricky.

Don’t lose hope though. By creating a multi-faceted marketing plan that utilizes a variety of different tactics – you can get your message to stand heads above your competition.

I have the pleasure of working with a myriad of different businesses from insurance companies to electrical contractors to web development companies to educational consulting firms. They’re all different but they all have a need for clients and customers.

To be heard above the constant advertising chatter, it’s necessary to create a multi-faceted approach. One that speaks to your target audience in a variety ways, repeatedly, so your message can sink in (it takes an average of 7-10 times for a marketing message to make an impact on someone). This will create a well-rounded and effective online and offline presence for your business.

Creating a powerful strategy requires consciously choosing each tactic and what the intentions for each tactic will be. Consider the intention you have when selecting a particular tactic to use – do you want to capture someone’s attention? Maintain familiarity? Deliver information? Or give an experience of your product of service?  These are all different intentions to achieve with each marketing effort executed.

Here is a list of the main strategies used by professional services businesses and the intentions for using them. You won’t necessarily use all of these strategies. Depending on your business and clientele, you may just use a few of them.

All of these contain both online and off line components. Determine which of the strategies below are most appropriate for you, your business and your budget.

  • Advertising: (online, print, radio, TV) get attention of strangers/affiliates, maintain familiarity, deliver information
  • Public Relations: (press releases) get attention of strangers/affiliates, maintain familiarity, deliver information
  • Strategic Alliances or Joint Venture: get attention of strong affiliates
  • Referrals (Word Of Mouth, Viral Marketing):  get attention of strong affiliates
  • Special Events (Tradeshows, Open Houses): get attention of strangers/affiliates, maintain familiarity, deliver information
  • Networking, Industry Affiliation, Conferences:  get attention of affiliates, maintain familiarity, deliver information
  • Online (Web site, Blog, social media channels, YouTube): get attention of strangers, maintain familiarity, deliver information, give an experience
  • Articles/Publishing (offline and online): get attention of strangers/affiliates, deliver information, give an experience
  • Speaking, Presentations, Briefings, Workshops: get attention of strangers/affiliates, maintain familiarity, deliver information, give an experience
  • Direct Outreach (Setting appointments, letters or email, follow up calls):  get attention of affiliates, maintain familiarity, deliver information, give an experience
  • Keep in Touch (Newsletter or eZine, postcard mailings):  maintain familiarity, deliver information, give an experience

Check off the three or four that will most effectively suit your business style, budget, personality and how to best reach your ideal target clients. From there you can create an online and offline marketing plan that works in concert with each other to move your business forward in 2011. It’s this orchestrated effort that is going to help you message stand out from the crowd because your target audience will be seeing and hearing your brand message in a variety of ways that will keep your companies products or services front of mind.

Additionally, here are some great books that I recommend you pick up and read if you’d like to boost your plans and strategies. They each contain a variety of marketing strategies that will help broaden your perspective of what’s possible. When you plug these strategies and tactics into the overall marketing game, you will have more success than if you implement these strategies randomly.

The Action Plan Tool Kit – Robert Middleton
Get Slightly Famous – Steven Van Yoder
Become a Recognized Authority in Your Field – Robert Bly
The Obvious Expert – Elsom Eldridge
Rain Making – Ford Harding
Got Experts? Key Insights and Advice from Today’s Experts – Michele Molitor

Remember – consistently marketing your business is key to achieving consistent results, no matter what tactics and strategies you end up utilizing.

If you’d like an outside perspective to assist you in determining which strategies will be right for your business to generate greater success, feel free to contact me – I’m happy to help.

To Your Success!

Michele Molitor

Michele MolitorMichele Molitor is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and is the Founder of Nectar Consulting, Inc. She is a highly sought after executive coach, business consultant and speaker working with business owners, executives and their teams. She assists them in moving past obstacles to set clear goals and marketing strategies that consistently attract their ideal clients, close more sales and enhance the bottom line results by 25-200% annually.

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