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Oct 21,2010 Posted by to Email

Not marketing to your current and previous clients, prospects and professional connections is like leaving nuggets of gold lying unclaimed on the sidewalk. Yet it is surprising how many businesses make this fundamental error – especially when times are good.

One of the most effective uses of marketing time and dollars is to implement a well thought out campaign of informational emails that will go out to your data base of current and previous clients, prospects and professional associates. Each email should be designed to inform and connect with the specific targeted group. Email going to your Previous Clients group will be messaged differently than email going to your Prospects. Likewise with your Professional Associates group.

We recently created an email marketing campaign for a Mortgage Broker. Each month we prepare short and interesting emails to each of the Broker’s contacts and schedule each mailing carefully. Prospective home buyers are contacted every week as they are the most needy of reassurance and information. Previous Clients are contacted every 3 weeks with up-dates on interest rates and things happening with the Banks that could be of interest to them. The Broker’s Professional Associates contacts are emailed once a month to keep them abreast of changes in the laws, interest rates etc.

Too much email is a turn off and gets you relegated to the Spam file. Too little contact and your contacts wonder where you are and go elsewhere.

Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter in all of us – so keep your e-mails to no more than 250 words long – people just don’t want to wade through long messages. Each email should focus on ONE piece of information only. Give them the information they need using a conversational tone and friendly voice – no selling or pushing. End with contact information. Be sure to give email recipients a way to “unsubscribe” if they want. After all, you want your message read by willing readers.

Interesting Factoid: Do you know that Wednesday and Thursday are generally the best days to send out email? The Open rates are much higher than other days of the week. One of the joys of email is that we can reach a large group with one click. Conduct your own testing and see what this approach can do for your business.

Suzanne ElliottSuzanne is an artist and freelance copywriter who specializes in web content, articles and press releases. She is an expert at writing email content that engages the reader. She can be found at Sue Elliott and Pleinairmuse.com.

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