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Nov 21,2010 Posted by to Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are in the business of finding and delivering great content to their users. It is the lifeblood of their business. The lifeblood of your on-line business is the website traffic that they deliver.

Google and the other wearch engines are looking for active websites – those providing great content that is constantly being updated and expanded – as well as sites with ever increasing numbers of in-bound links from other relevant sites. Don’t expect to increase your ranking on Google with a small site. Ten pages of content created a year ago just won’t cut it. Expand your thinking to 40/50 or even 100 plus pages of great content.

Cast a Wide Net

Think of each page of your website as a strand in a fishing net – over time you weave many strands together to create a good sturdy net. Researching your keywords and phrases well will produce an even wider net. The long tail keywords that are associated with your master keywords and phrases can result in your site being on page one with Google for less competitive keywords.

Google is the world leader in search. Do not try to fool Mother Google with SEO tricks such as article spinning, rehashing cotent that is already out there and other shortcuts. Your best bet is freshly baked content regularly coming piping hot out of your writing oven. Don’t give us reheated stale content – no one likes it, least of all Google. Your website audience (your traffic) won’t be fooled either.

Let Your Passion Shine Through

The passion that you have for your business should shine through in your web site content – a person-to-person connection that will keep your site visitors coming back again and again.

Your best bet when writing for your on-line audience is to be yourself. Write as if you are talking with each person one-on-one. This requires an informal style that feels inclusive, chatty even. Let your personality come through in your writing. Keep your keywords and phrases in mind – after all, this is how the search engines know how to find you to begin with. So help them out, but don’t overdo it by peppering your content with too frequent and unnatural sounding writing just to satisfy Google.

Keep it real – Keep it fresh – Keep it relevant – and have fun at the same time.

Suzanne ElliottSuzanne is an artist and freelance copywriter who specializes in web content, articles and press releases. She is an expert at writing email content that engages the reader. She can be found at Sue Elliott and

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