Thank You Google – Content is Queen Again (Mostly)

Sep 29,2011 Posted by to Email

Here’s hoping that Google’s recent focus on improving their search results to feature websites that actually provide decent, original content is a trend that continues. This focus needs to become even more discerning.

The proliferation of sites that put out regurgitated useless content, all laced with an over abundance of keyword driven links in every paragraph, may now decline – at least in the results that show up on the front page of a search. As users of information, we want quality information. Don’t insult us by using the same old story, thinly disguised as something new. Most of us have pretty well trained B.S. detection systems by now – and we are not fooled.

What does this mean to you as a website owner? It means asking yourself these questions:

Does my site content address the concerns and needs of my site visitor?”

“Am I giving my visitors/readers the information they want and need?”

If you care about them returning to your site, the answer needs to be “Yes”.

As a frequent user of on-line information I recently signed up for a weekly e-zine. The first issue arrived. I was expecting lots of good advice, news and suggestions. I got two paragraphs driving me to links, to more links, all promising me the information – which I never got. After 4 link clicks, I gave up and immediately Unsubscribed. This large on-line information company spent a lot of time and money getting me to sign-up – only to lose me immediately because of garbage content.

Web site content doesn’t need to be written by John Steinbeck – just make it authentic, original and useful. Keywords and links can be placed to help with your SEO needs, just don’t let these needs drive the content over a cliff and make the whole thing unreadable and annoying to your visitors.

On the flip side, there are a multitude of great information sites waiting to be read – pick any obscure subject and you will find a lot of content rich sites addressing the subject. Raising rabbits? Composting for fun and recreation? Learning to paint on-line? It’s all out there. Google is now rewarding these niche sites for their originality – and readers everywhere rejoice!

Suzanne ElliottSuzanne is an artist and freelance copywriter who specializes in web content, articles and press releases. She is an expert at writing email content that engages the reader. She can be found at Sue Elliott and


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