Tips on Article Writing or How to Sneak in Sideways on the Writing Bogyman

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The subject of article writing causes fear and loathing in many people, but that can be overcome with regular practice – and a few tricks. So keep reading.

  • The number one trick to get started is to really know your writing topic.  If you are writing an article about your business, you are the one who knows your business the best – you certainly have a passion for what you do. As it happens, feeling passionate about a subject is the best “starter fuel” to get you off to a good beginning with your writing project.
  • Pick a subject that is a hot topic in your business right now. Decide to get some off the top of your head notes down in a document on your laptop. Nothing formal – just random notes that can be expanded upon over the next day or so.
  • Write in 30 minute segments. Set your timer and stick with it for that chunk of time. As a professional writer, this is how I get most of my project writing done. 30 minute chunks over the course of a couple of days and you will be surprised at how much you can get accomplished. By sneaking in sideways on the writing bogyman, we make it less frightening and thus we are more likely to get it done.
  • There are many great tips on article writing out there – do a little research and use one you like as a guide or template for your own writing. Don’t allow the overwhelm of information to create another block to writing – this happens way too often.
  • When in doubt, get into action and “just write something

Articles Build In-Bound Links and Help with SEO

This is all about building in-bound links to your website to drive more and more traffic your way – and it’s totally free if you do it yourself.

Some folks just can’t get through the “writers block”. For them, I recommend hiring a freelance writer to do the job.

Do not be conned into purchasing software that promises to take one article and “spin” it – re-configure it into many different formats. The search engines are onto this and will penalize you in search results for using duplicate content.

Keep it real, keep it fresh and keep it unique. Over time, you will build your site traffic and, who knows, get to enjoy writing so much that you become the next Hemingway as a result.

Suzanne ElliottSuzanne is an artist and freelance copywriter who specializes in web content, articles and press releases. She is an expert at writing email content that engages the reader. She can be found at Sue Elliott and

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