Your Personal Branding Strategy is Not Complete Unless You Include YouTube

Mar 08,2011 Posted by to Marketing

Personal branding takes time and dedication, but it’s not that hard to do – IF you just start.

I’m always amazed how long it takes us to get around to doing something which is not that difficult – in this case, starting a YouTube channel and posting short videos about ourselves and our brand. Here are some tips I’ve thought about based on my own YouTube experiences.

Make a List of Topics You Want to Talk About
Think about which topics interest you, and where you are the expert, which ones inspire you – those are the ones you’ll want to put onto a video. Local wisdom says you should do a lot of research about your topics before you make your videos, but I think it is important to just get started.

  • You can delete the early videos if you really hate them
  • Once you have a few under your belt, it gets a lot easier
  • You’ll figure out which topics are well received and which ones are not

Take a Flip Camera and Record Yourself
So, to start, take a Flip camera, get a friend to hold it (or set up a tripod), and talk for 2–3 minutes about a point in your business that you are passionate about and which can establish you as an expert in your field.

Use a Teleprompter
There is software, which you can run during the video shoot that lets you read your text on your computer so that you don’t have to memorize all of your points. It works well if you don’t mind that we can see that you are reading and not speaking freely. For longer videos, that is the way to go.

Be Authentic
No one minds if you have some blips in your speech or if you say a couple of “ahs” and “ems”; it just makes you natural and authentic. That’s the real “you” which people want to see.

Practice, Practice, Practice
The same as for giving a presentation, before you record the video, practice it at least 5 times. That way you come across as very natural and engaging.

Mix Up Your Videos
Some can be serious and give good, lasting ideas – evergreen videos. Some can also be funny and personal. You have different sides to your personality and it’s good to show them.

Keywords Count
Before you upload your video (with the USB connector on your Flip) onto YouTube,, Viddler etc., make sure you write a good description with frequently used keywords about your topic/video. In addition, put these keywords into the tags. That way people might actually find you!

Editing is Easy Nowadays
iMovie for Mac users is easy, and I know that PCs also have manageable software to edit your videos. Once you are up and running and know how to use it, you should think of the look and feel of your brand and feature that consistently in every video.

Include Links on How to Reach You on the Last Slide of Your Videos
Don’t forget to put your information on how to reach you via email or through your web site, as well as on Facebook and Twitter onto a slide at the end of your video.

Promote Your Videos
You can promote your videos on your own blog, on Facebook, through Twitter, and even embed them in LinkedIn. The main thing is that you do it.

And as Always, Have Fun
We have so much stress in our lives nowadays – making these videos can and should be fun. Your personal brand is something you transmit, it is the way others perceive you, so be relaxed and enjoy it, because that’s what will shine through.

Angelika BlendstrupAngelika Blendstrup is an expert at International Business Communications: Personal Branding, Accent Reduction, Presentation/VC Pitch Training; Author & Speaker Professional Business Communications.


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